Fauna of the Albion Online Steppes

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Fauna of the Albion Online Steppes

"Critter mobs are mythical creatures, guarding Albion’s resources. They are deeply connected to the biome they are in and upon death, allow players to gather resources specific to their biome."

I think critter mobs is very amusing, they sound interesting too. Really hope that developers will give us more detailed information about their!

In fact, critter is actually our name for a group of mobs that just as they wrote are connected to a specific biome. The steppes will have Sabre-tooth Tigers; the mountains will have Elementals made from Ore.

Since we changed how resources are distributed in the world and thus you will not find mobs that give hide in every cluster. So we needed a new group of mobs aside from faction and hide mobs that took their role of annoying players running around trying to harvest resources.

Though they might be an annoyance, we think they are still way better than having general hide mobs at those positions because gatherers running around in the mountains probably would prefer to harvest ore from the mobs have to kill anyway than just leaving them there to decay.

Of course you won't harvest ore from the Elementals with a skinning knife. Just like normal ore you will need a pickax to harvest them. So once they die they behave just like a normal resource nodes.

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