Albion Some Question and Answer to New Player

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Albion Some Question and Answer to New Player

Q: Is there some sort of reliable beginner's guide out there that I can take a look at? Currently trying to find some helpful resources that will aid me in learning the game. It's so massive and kind of overwhelming.

A: The best Albion beginner's guide is to join a social guild and ask whatever questions you might have. And you can also find a beginner's guide or ask questions in the beginners forum in the AO forums. Such as!

Q: Speaking of overwhelming, is there a limit to how much I can do with one character? Like, if possible, can I learn all of the crafts and weapon skills and the likes if I really wanted to?

A: You can, If you not worry about time and grind! The limitation is in the total learn points per day you'll gain. So, you can't advance "quickly" (by using learn points) on everything, hence why you need to REALLY focus your points (crafting, gathering and refining can be a problem, so many people use alts). By the other hand, if you hard grind then yes, you can have it all, but it is A LOT (virtually impossible to get before years of grind). If you want to just test all weapons then you can easily get 4.3 in every tree and play around a bit in beta and the LP will probably be enough.
A general rule of thumb is 5 skills to use LP on. A head piece, chest, boots, weapon, and one other, Crafting is easier. A dev did some math and assumed 3 hours of grinding a day, 5 days a week it would take like 3.5 years to unlock the entire thing with LP.

Q: Any guides to builds or info on which weapons/armor combo is best suited for the specific role I want to play as? Are tanks and healers a thing in this game?

A: I don't think there are many guides for this because the "meta" is always changing and effective group comps are vast. I can't recommend a guide but i suggest your best bet is to join a guild and keep asking questions. If you want, ask here what you plan to play and our try to direct you.

Q: Mainly looking to be a farmer in this game, is that possible for a casual gamer like me? I heard you'd have to buy your own island and whatnot. Sounds expensive!

A: You could be a farmer if that's your thing, just don't expect a super awesome farming system. It's get your island and plant on it once a day (takes somewhat around 10 or 15 minutes per day). You have the right to buy an island and expand it once you buy at least 30 days of premium on the character. It costs silver to buy/expand and it's not that hard to get, specially if you intend to be a farmer/gatherer/crafter or whatnot. Oh, you can find cheapest Albion Online Gold in our site!

Q: Any place where I guild who would accept newbies and help me learn and enjoy the game? Because no friend to together.

A: Don't worry! Plenty of guilds accepting new players, just search the recruitment forums for a good one. I'd recommend giving a good look before joining any random guild. Most just use player numbers to generate silver via tax. Would be better to try to find one that would actually teach you. You can meet new friends in this game!

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